DT135 Lancer

1.Size:1410(1475)*390*220mm 2.30CC gasoline engine
3.Fibre Glass,Beautiful Car stoving varnish and applique
4.Packing with the  silencing Tuned Pipe
5.Propeller:570 aluminium propeller             
6.Installation of racing version of engine front
7.Compliment away gasoline hand refueling pump (not responsible for quality after sale)   
Note:The above quotation does not include remote control and servo

Product Details

1.Size:1410(1475)*390*220mm 2.30CC gasoline engine
3.Fibre Glass,Beautiful Car stoving varnish and applique
4.Packing with the  silencing Tuned Pipe
5.Propeller:570 aluminium propeller             
6.Installation of racing version of engine front
7.Compliment away gasoline hand refueling pump (not responsible for quality after sale)   
Note:The above quotation does not include remote control and servo


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