G30K Lamborghini

1.Size:1265(1265)*405*220mm 2.30CC gasoline engine
3..Hull Material:Fibre Glass  
4.Packing with the latest silencing Tuned Pipe
5.Propeller:570 aluminium propeller
6.The above quotation does not include remote control and  servo. (Optional)                                        
7.Hand start, electric start, double start         
8.The best electric start in China .(Optional)                          
9.Compliment away gasoline hand refueling pump (not responsible for quality after sale)

Product Details

1.Size:1265(1265)*405*220mm 2.30CC gasoline engine
3..Hull Material:Fibre Glass  
4.Packing with the latest silencing Tuned Pipe
5.Propeller:570 aluminium propeller
6.The above quotation does not include remote control and  servo. (Optional)         7.Hand start, electric start, double start         
8.The best electric start in China .(Optional)                          
9.Compliment away gasoline hand refueling pump (not responsible for quality after sale)






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